The Berlin feeling to go: The city of Berlin on Instagram

Since 2014, together with @visit_berlin we have been supporting the official Instagram account of the German capital's tourism association. In the last three years, we have achieved an organic growth of 85,000 followers.

For @visit_berlin we have developed a content strategy whose visual language provides moments of longing and inspiration from the German capital. We present trendy locations from the fields of architecture, food and sights. The ccontent reflects Berlin's current atmosphere and incorporate current weather conditions and events, making @visit_berlin a window on the city.

In order to further expand the community and to get even more people interested in Berlin, we organise Instameets once every three months to explore exciting places. Some locations are made exclusively accessible to @visit_berlin, such as the Olympic Stadium.

The content for @visit_berlin is mainly produced by visumate. The content is also used beyond Instagram for online and print media: For example, our content is also used on Facebook, Twitter, our own blog and on the website. We have also created a particularly strong and vital bond with the community through the use of user-generated content.

When the channel was taken over by visumate, the account's followers totalled 10,000 users. Since 2014, we have been able to increase this number by an impressive 1000%. When it comes to community management, we attach particular importance to active communication and authentic interaction: We owe more than 228,000 user contributions under the hashtag #visit_berlin to the systematic management of our high-quality visual language.


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