Neckermann and #UrlaubMitHerz: A sunny key visual conquers the social web

When Neckermann redesigned its logo, we developed a cross-media campaign that made the new ‘Sunny Heart’ the core message and emotionalised the brand in the social networks.







In 2016, Neckermann Reisen took a big step – they redesigned their logo. At the same time, they launched a Germany-wide, cross-media campaign focused on the new ‘Sunny Heart’. To appeal to a young target group, we implemented an influencer campaign with half a million yellow heart balloons at its core. A total of 15 influencers from the travel, lifestyle and photography sectors shared their very personal holiday moments with the community – from wanderlust in the city to relaxation on the beach. Neckermann Reisen's ‘Sunny Heart’ was the thread running through the campaign.

The influencers published a total of 45 photos, which together generated 6.7 million page impressions and reached 2.3 million people. A total of almost 40,000 photos were uploaded by participants and more than 59,000 visitors called up the campaign's microsite. In addition to the number-based KPIs, however, the campaign achieved one thing above all: It revived the affection felt towards Neckermann Reisen and brought the brand back into the minds of many users.

Being an incredibly passionate traveller myself I was thrilled to help spread the word about Neckermann's latest travel campaign. Shooting was so much fun and highly entertaining due to the set of helium-filled balloons I was given. Throughout the entire process, visumate did a perfect job making sure that everyone was happy with the outcome.

— @tonistadlr


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