On the road with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Frankfurt am Main: The Snapshooters on the #SamsungGalaxyWalk

On the #SamsungGalaxyWalk, more than 25 Instagram photographers from Germany explored Frankfurt am Main. In this way, the participants were offered a spectacular brand experience and Samsung's profile on the social web was raised.







With @samsungmobile_de, Samsung Deutschland was one of the first brands to pick up on the possibilities of Instagram and to realise them. For Samsung, the motto ‘Community First’ and the intensive cooperation with the mobile photography scene were a matter of course right from the start, which makes the brand an integral part of the community today. As part of the #SamsungGalaxyWalks, the Instagrammers were given the opportunity to test and swap new devices as well as to participate in a special supporting programme consisting of workshops, lectures and access to extraordinary locations.

For the participants of the #SamsungGalaxyWalk Frankfurt this was a unique experience that took them to places they had never seen before. The #SamsungGalaxyWalk participants published more than 200 images, reaching more than 3.4 million users on Instagram. Consequently, not only did the Snapshooters have a great time on the #SamsungGalaxyWalk, they were also able to share it with all their followers on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Also present during the weekend was Joachim Baldauf, one of Germany's most renowned fashion and portrait photographers. He gave the Instagrammers insights into his work as a portrait photographer, provided them with tips and tricks during face-to-face conversations, and was inspired not least by the photographic skills of the ‘mobile photographers’.

I thought the way everything had been organised and the way it went excellent. Everything was great, and for me, a first-timer at such an event, it was very impressive. At such events you can get to know people and appreciate Samsung not only as a smartphone

— Roy Brüggemann aka @brueggemann Teilnehmender Instagram Fotograf