We celebrate #AbsolutNights at the Tomorrowland Festival in São Paulo

For some nights, you would definitely like to travel back in time. On behalf of Absolut Vodka, we made this dream come true – well, almost: For our client, we put together a group of seven Instagram influencers from all over the world, who then immortalised the Tomorrowland Festival in São Paulo (Brazil) from their personal point of view.

The Instagrammers danced and photographed their way through the ecstatic festival, capturing its unique atmosphere with its almost 200,000 visitors. In this way, Absolut Vodka combined nightlife and creativity in a previously unseen way.

The seven influencers each day generated impressive photos and together reached over two million followers worldwide. The latter actively interacted with the influencers and took part in unforgettable moments – an impact that, through our planning and implementation, directly contributed to the global campaign and captured the attention of the brand's fans in a creative and authentic way.

The photos produced by the influencers at the event not only reached millions of people through their own Instagram profiles, they also created enthusiasm on Absolut Vodka's Instagram profile page. On average, the shots taken by the influencers generated 81% more involvement than the regular brand content.

With the #AbsolutNights Instagram campaign for Absolut Vodka we tell seven different stories through the eyes of selected influencers and thus show a completely new dimension to the nightlife – creative, authentic and to the point. Absolut Vodka benefits from the positive and inspiring visual language as well as from the direct linking when the contributions are published

— Thomas Kakareko Influencer & Partner bei visumate


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