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SAMSUNG goes to Iceland:
An outdoor adventure with 4 million spectators

No-one tells more gripping stories than travellers. That's why we sent Europe's top storytellers to Iceland on a special mission for the launch of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Thanks to this smartwatch, the whole world could experience the adventures of the German Roamers live.

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#AbsolutNights vs. Tomorrowland:
Festival magic from 7 different perspectives

For some nights, you would definitely like to travel back in time. On behalf of Absolut Vodka, we made this dream come true – well, almost: We sent seven influencers to the Tomorrowland Festival in São Paulo, each of which then immortalised this magic world from their personal point of view. This resulted in images that are in themselves truly magical.

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Switzerland at its best:

Switzerland has more to offer than just the alphorn and cheese fondue. To show this to the world and to raise the profile of RadissonBlu hotels even higher, we had nine Instagrammers explore Zurich and Lucerne. Their mission: To recount their own very individual adventures in the Swiss cities on the social web – and the results are just as fascinating as any Alpine panorama.

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Veni, vidi, @visit_berlin:
The Berlin feeling to go

Berlin is a city that is full of history, future, and incredible snapshot opportunities. Each day, thanks to our content strategy, content and community management of the official Instagram account of the Berlin Tourist Association, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide experience the magic of Berlin. Feel it!

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